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About Pinch

Apps with impact, made with love

We build first-class apps. From A to Z and from concept to launch, continuous development, and monetization. Whether we work for media companies, publishers, multinational corporations, startups, or advertising agencies, user-friendliness, intuitive navigation, and speed are always at the core of our approach. This way, we create impactful apps that can compete with the best apps in the stores. 

Who we are

Pinch. A mobile development agency with offices in the heart of Amsterdam and Málaga. What do we create? Primarily iOS, Android, and Flutter apps, but also many apps for tablets and wearables. What do we love? Hard work, satisfied clients, and most importantly, having a lot of fun together.

What drives us

At Pinch, collaboration is key. Together with each other and with our clients, we create, learn, make mistakes, and have fun together. Because, as we know better than anyone, when you are happy in your work, success follows naturally. We have a flat organization and the mentality of a startup. Everyone is encouraged to bring in new ideas and has the space to learn and develop.

Relevant technologies hold no secrets for us. We are always up-to-date with the latest capabilities of Google and Apple development platforms and are well-versed in operating systems and devices. All of this comes with a responsibility that we hold not only towards our clients and employees but also towards society and our planet.

A more beautiful digital world

Apps are indispensable. They make our lives easier and enable businesses to work smarter and faster. Pinch aims to make the digital world more beautiful and accessible through impactful apps. Our focus is always on building the very best apps.

We steer clear of unnecessary complexity; everything revolves around the end user and the client’s goals. Flexible. Hands-on. Specialized. Passionate. These are commonly used descriptions by clients that we fully identify with.

From scratch to launch and beyond

Apps with impact require more than just a good idea and flawless development. Concept development, strategy, visual and interaction design, technical development, quality assurance, testing, launching, monitoring, analyzing, and continuous improvement: the experts at Pinch take care of all these aspects for you. This full-service approach – we dare to say – is unique in the market and results in the very best apps thanks to the synergy between all these components.


Tim Klein Haneveld


Menno Biesiot


Roeland Weve

#1: 2011

The year Menno Biesiot and Roeland Weve founded Pinch. Initially, they exclusively developed iOS apps in the basement of the iconic building “Het Sieraad” in Amsterdam. A few years later, Android apps were added. Nowadays, we are located in a fantastic office on Sloterkade and also have a dedicated Flutter team.

#2: >1 million

The number of downloads for two of our apps, namely De Telegraaf and Qmusic.

#3: 50

Approximately the number of employees. From a duo in a basement, Pinch has grown into a mature organization with iOS, Android, and Flutter developers, tech leads, interaction and visual designers, project managers, an online marketer, and a copywriter on the payroll.

#4: 2

The number of countries within the Pinch domain. In 2022, we opened an office in Malaga, where both our Spanish developers and Amsterdam Pinchers are welcome.

> 100 apps and counting

By now, we have developed more than 100 apps. Traditionally, we have a strong presence in the media industry, as evident from our apps for De Telegraaf, Qmusic, NRC, and ANP, among others. Additionally, we focus on automotive, fintech, m-commerce, and m-health, among other sectors.

Well-known companies we collaborate with include Albert Heijn, Takeaway.com, Plastic Soup Foundation, Food First, Parkmobile, and QWIC. Moreover, we not only create apps from scratch for brands but also build white-label apps and assist existing teams with app development.

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