ANP 360 plus

Next level Media Monitoring

Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANP) supplies hundreds of news items, radio bulletins, photos and videos to newspapers, radio, TV and other news media every day.

In addition to the news provision for Dutch media brands, ANP Corporate provides media monitoring services for government services, organizations and companies.

Pinch supported ANP in the development of the concept of ANP360 +, a platform for next level media monitoring. Pinch also took care of the design (UX / UI) and the technical implementation of the front-end (web + app). The web application was developed under our direction by our regular partner NoProtocol.

With ANP, we work in bi-weekly sprints. Both the product owner, business owner as well as the backend team consist of employees of ANP.

The ANP360 + app unlocks and personalizes thousands of content sources, allowing you as a user to easily create complex queries and set valuable custom notifications.

The platform also contains an extensive newsletters tool, with which superusers are able to distribute customized newsletters within their organization, if desired, different newsletters to different mailing lists. They can also comment and interpret messages from the media themselves.

The extensive analysis module provides insight into how topics of choice “behave” in the media. Users are also able to compare different keywords or content selections with each other with the benchmark dashboard.

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