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iOS app development with Pinch

iOS is the second most widely used operating system for smartphones after Android and is praised for its user-friendliness. Together, they hold almost 100% market share, which is why we usually advise creating an app for both platforms. Pinch has already developed over 100 first-class iOS apps, including projects for Qmusic, De Telegraaf, NRC, and Parkmobile.

The first real smartphone

Sure, IBM already sold a ‘smartphone’ with a touchscreen, third-party apps, and email functionality in 1994. However, the first contemporary, true smartphone – the iPhone – was only launched 13 years later. By now, over 2 billion iPhones have been sold. While Android runs on devices from numerous manufacturers, iOS is only found on Apple devices. An interesting consideration for making an iOS app can be that Apple technology is strongly overrepresented within certain target audiences.

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iOS App development - MacBook

Native iOS-app versus a hybrid app

A native iOS app is specifically developed for the iOS platform. While in the past all app development was native, in recent years, more and more apps are being developed in a ‘hybrid’ manner. In other words, designers and developers can create apps simultaneously for both iOS and Android using cross-platform frameworks. Among them, we believe Flutter stands out. Our dedicated Flutter team can build, maintain, and continuously improve apps faster and more cost-effectively. However, it’s worth noting that not all types of apps are suitable for hybrid development.

Creating an iOS-app with Pinch

If you decide to have an iOS app developed by Pinch, you will closely collaborate with a team of enthusiastic and skilled developers, designers, and other professionals. A dedicated project manager will oversee the process and all communication. Our full-service approach is unique in the market. From concept development, strategy, visual and interaction design, technical development, quality assurance, testing, and launching to monitoring, analyzing, and continuous improvement, Pinch can take care of all these aspects and provide you with comprehensive support.


Pinch is a renowned mobile development agency with offices in Amsterdam and Málaga. Since our establishment in 2011, we have developed over 100 apps, including projects for companies and brands like NRC, De Telegraaf, Albert Heijn,, Parkmobile, and QWIC. While we have a strong presence in media and publishing apps, we also focus on industries such as mobility, fintech, healthcare, and m-commerce. Besides building first-class iOS apps, Pinch also excels in creating top-notch Android and Flutter apps.

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