Media apps


Creating media apps

Concept development, refining the revenue model, user experience, visual design, development, assistance with app marketing, and aftercare: creating a successful media app involves much more than just programming.

Since 2011, Pinch has developed dozens of successful news apps, including projects for NRC, De Telegraaf, and De Standaard. A comprehensive approach and the addition of the right expertise ensure the maximum chance of success and provide media companies with support from idea to launch and beyond.


Highlights of our media projects.


A well-thought-out concept is the starting point

A successful app starts with a good concept. Pinch has extensive experience with various types of news apps, including newsfeed, e-paper, and feedpaper apps. Thanks to our in-depth market knowledge, we can also advise on the best revenue model for your media app.

Does a paid app, subscription model, freemium, advertising, or sponsorship work best for your app concept and target audience? In practice, we often apply a combination of these models.

Our 12 step-approach

When you have an app for your newspaper or magazine developed by Pinch, it means closely collaborating with our team of enthusiastic specialists. A dedicated project manager oversees both the development process and the communication between the client and our developers and designers. Pinch always works in an agile manner and follows a predefined twelve-step plan.

Our expertise

Creating a successful app is more than just building the technology. We take care of everything from idea to launch to ensure that your app becomes a success. This includes mapping out the target audience, identifying the problem the app solves, and determining the required functionalities. Curious about how Pinch does it? Read about it in our approach.

Creating an app with Pinch

Developing an app with Pinch means co-creating an app with a team of equally enthusiastic and skilled developers, designers, and other professionals. Throughout the development process, a dedicated project manager takes the lead. This includes overseeing the process and communication between the client on one side and the app makers working on the app daily on the other side. Our full-service approach is unique in the market. From concept development, strategy, visual and interaction design, technical development, quality assurance, testing, launching, monitoring, analyzing, and continuous improvement, the experts at Pinch take care of all these aspects to ensure you’re taken care of every step of the way.

About Pinch

Pinch is a renowned mobile development agency with offices in Amsterdam and Málaga. Since our establishment in 2011, we have developed over 100 apps, including projects for companies like NRC, De Telegraaf, Albert Heijn,, Parkmobile, and QWIC. While we have a strong presence in media and publishing apps, we also focus on industries such as mobility, fintech, healthcare, and m-commerce. Besides building top-notch Android apps, Pinch also excels in creating first-class iOS and Flutter apps.