Apple Wonderlust

During their Wonderlust event this year, Apple unveiled the new iPhones. The announcements were beautifully presented in a stunning video, complete with impressive effects, well-known actors, and seamless transitions. It’s evident that Apple excels in marketing.

The video kicks off with a showcase of the technologies Apple has introduced in their iPhones and Apple Watches over the past years. They highlight instances where Apple’s hardware has saved people with heart problems or automatically dialed emergency numbers like 112 in the Netherlands when your iPhone detects a car accident. Truly impressive technology.

Next, they introduce the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. Besides the slightly improved hardware, such as a faster chip, better screen, and longer battery life, there’s an innovative feature worth noting. You can now “control” your Apple Watch with a gesture. The Apple Watch detects the pinching of your index finger and thumb coming together using a clever sensor at the bottom of the watch. This means you won’t need your other hand for certain actions anymore.

Following the Apple Watch, it’s time for the “regular” iPhone. The standard iPhone 15 and 15 Plus receive a significant hardware upgrade to match the iPhone 14 Pro in many ways. They share the same chip as the 14 Pro and an improved camera, among other things. The Lightning port is replaced with a USB-C port, a change driven by European pressure, although Apple would have preferred to keep the Lightning port for a bit longer. During the presentation, they naturally express only positivity about USB-C.

The iPhone 15 Pro, on the other hand, gets a 3nm SoC chip from TSMC with a whopping 19 billion transistors. The chip promises much higher speed and includes an AV1 decoder. The camera for the iPhone 15 Pro sees minimal upgrades, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max now features a telephoto lens with 5x zoom. The Pro versions of the phones replace the ringer switch on the side with a so-called action button, which can be customized to perform various functions. For instance, it can open the camera. Another new feature, coming later this year through an update, is the ability to capture 3D videos by cleverly using two camera lenses. This Spatial Video can be viewed in 3D on the upcoming VR headset, Vision Pro.

Apple’s goal is to become carbon neutral by 2030. They’re already making significant progress with their new Apple Watch. They’re committed to recycling materials, reforesting, and investing in clean energy, including the development of solar energy parks. In this Apple video, they even discuss the complete removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. You can watch the video here:

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