App development

Concept & strategy

Without a strong concept and a well-thought-out strategy, your app can never be successful. Since 2011, Pinch has been building first-class apps for big brands such as Qmusic, De Telegraaf, and NRC. We like to think critically about the concept and strategy. With our Discovery approach, we offer a comprehensive and in-depth concept and strategy process, including prototyping and user testing.

A solid foundation

A good concept and a well-thought-out strategy are not only crucial to developing an app that meets the target audience’s needs, provides a better user experience, and distinguishes itself from competing apps, but also for making the right platform choices, determining scope, and developing a smart marketing strategy.

A well-conceived concept and a well-thought-out strategy are critical to the ultimate success of the mobile platform. While coding errors can be relatively easily fixed, improving a poorly conceived concept is much more difficult. Nevertheless, more companies should pay more attention to this. 

De Pinch-aanpak

The Pinch approach

Pinch doesn’t just do what customers ask for. For example, we analyze objectives, target audience, competition, user needs, and revenue models. Then, we optimize the concept and strategy. We follow our twelve-step plan:



  1. What is your ambition?
  2. What does the playing field look like?
  3. Who is the primary target audience?
  4. What is the promise to the target audience?
  5. Defining the market position
  6. Defining the proposition
  7. App concept and KPIs

Shaping & Design

  1. Determining scope
  2. Interaction design (UX)
  3. Visual design (VD)


  1. App development


  1. Launch and further development 

Discovery: conceptual and strategic deep dive

In addition to this regular approach, Pinch also offers a more extensive concept and strategy process: Pinch Discovery. For this, we involve our concept developers, who all have over a decade of experience in mobile and possess consultancy skills. They help develop and validate the concept, provide extensive advice, and guide clients from A to Z. Pinch Discovery can be used for a new app concept, but existing apps can also be further optimized with this approach.

The discovery power of Discovery

Well-thought-out concept development requires time, energy, research, expertise, and experience. Within our Discovery service, we do a deep dive with the client for two weeks. The starting point is: is the app fit for user, fit for business, and fit for delivery?

The first week is devoted to research and brainstorming about the client’s strategy, objectives, KPIs, and ambitions. But also: who are the users? What products do they consume? What user data is available? And how is the website used?

During the second week of the Discovery sprint, we make sense of the insights gained. We work with the client to consider the app’s functionalities and develop a prototype with as many important features as possible for end-users. At the end of the week, we validate the prototype with real end-users. 

Android, iOS of Flutter app laten maken

Comprehensive or compact

Discovery is our recommended and most comprehensive approach for a good app foundation for the future. For example, we have gone through the process with our clients for the Qmusic and GreenFlux Charge Assist apps. We also offer more compact versions for a quick scan or a shortened Discovery process of one or two days.

Would you like to know more about our Quick Scan Discovery? Fill in your details and download our approach so that you know exactly what to expect. Do you want to know more or are you interested in our other Discovery options? Get in touch with Tim Klein Haneveld or Michiel Ebeling or fill in the form to download our approach.