NRC audio

Journalism to listen to

Audio is an increasingly important form for NRC’s journalistic productions. Today’s podcast market is in the hands of the major tech companies. That is a vulnerable position that can be harmful to journalism.

The app helps NRC to future-proof journalistic audio; a major challenge for all podcast makers. In addition to their own NRC podcasts, listeners have access to 1.2 million podcasts from other makers via the app. The daily selection of the NRC editorial staff from this enormous selection helps listeners to compile their playlist.

The dynamically developed native app (Android & iOS) is a feast for the eyes and now has tens of thousands of monthly listeners who rate the app with more than 4 stars. The app is constantly being improved and expanded with new features.

Other brands of Mediahuis can also use the app because it is set up as a “white label”. This makes it easy to replicate both the back- and front end in a look & feel that suits the brand in question.

The NRC Audio app is made in Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS) and available on mobile.

Download the NRC audio app now!