NRC Vandaag Wins Dutch Podcast Award

Monday, November 6th, marked the annual Dutch Podcast Awards ceremony at Beeld & Geluid on the Hilversum Mediapark, and was in attendance! BNR Nieuwsradio , the organizer behind the awards, curated a splendid show that placed podcast creators in the spotlight. In the “Daily” category, NRC Vandaag emerged victorious, a podcast where NRC delves into a current news topic every day. A sizable team from NRC proudly accepted the award. Naturally, we are a bit proud too. The NRC Audio app remains one of our favorites!

The title of Best Podcast in the Netherlands was claimed by “Napleiten.” In this BNR podcast, crime journalist Wouter Laumans and lawyer Christian Flokstra engage in discussions with lawyers and prosecutors about sensational criminal cases, offering insights into the legal realm. We may not have been familiar with it, but it’s undoubtedly a recommendation!

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