Pinch and Opt Out Advertising launch privacy-friendly SDK for in-app advertising

Online privacy is becoming an increasingly important issue for many consumers, making advertising based on personal information less and less acceptable. Especially on the most personal device, the smartphone, users demand their privacy. 85% of them do not allow tracking, which is the use of personal data. Despite this, publishers still request permission to collect and use personal data in their apps, often using Google’s standard advertising software, the Software Development Kit (SDK).

Pinch, a mobile development agency with clients such as Qmusic, NRC, and De Telegraaf, and Opt Out Advertising, a specialist in cookie-less advertising, share the belief that privacy-friendly advertising is the future, even in-app. Therefore, they have developed a privacy-friendly SDK.

New SDK in Regional Public Broadcasting’s apps
The SDK has already been adopted by the Regional Public Broadcasters (RPO) and the Dutch newspaper, Nederlands Dagblad. It enables them to display ads in their apps without using the user’s privacy-sensitive data. Linda Worp of Opt Out Advertising explains that this is an important step towards privacy-safe advertising, complementing the tech solution already offered on web browsers. Consumer concern over online privacy is growing, making it increasingly necessary to provide privacy-friendly alternatives for both web and app.

The privacy-friendly SDK also offers faster and more user-friendly apps. Traditional ad solutions use vast amounts of consumer data to create targeted ads, which not only compromises privacy but also slows down apps. Pinch and Opt Out Advertising’s alternative offers a safer option for publishers, advertisers, and consumers.

About Opt Out Advertising
Opt Out Advertising brings technology and ethics together to change the digital advertising landscape by providing privacy-friendly technical solutions for publishers and advertisers.

About Pinch
Pinch builds first-class apps from A to Z, aiming to make the digital world more beautiful and accessible through impactful apps. Pinch avoids unnecessary complexity, focusing on the end-user and the client’s goals.


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