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On Thursday 12 March, Pepijn, our Client Service Manager, and I are talking  about little else than the Corona virus when we are on our way to the Hague for an appointment with our client ANP. When we get there we give a few uncomfortable elbows, because shaking hands is no longer allowed. Then suddenly it goes fast. That same afternoon we decide at Pinch that we will start working from home the next day and inform all colleagues at once.

On Monday morning we have our first video ‘stand-up’ with the entire company at 09.00. We gather information on what everyone still needs from the office. Because this is going to take a while, it is expected. On Monday afternoon, a number of employees will come to the office topics up some monitors and chairs. We also deliver some necessary stuff for a few colleagues.

During the first week, different emotions and thoughts fight for priority. Worries: As long as we don’t get sick! How long is this gonna take? What is the effect on our company, our clients? But also fighting spirit: We have to do something, can we help someone? I’m sending out a few messages and soon I am in touch with Ger Baron, the CTO of Amsterdam (a beautiful job name, by the way). “Yes, a lot has to be done. And yes, help is welcome ”.

Monday morning at 08:00 we have the first “call” with the Open Stad team. A website must be created, on which all initiatives that are taken in the city by residents, associations, foundations and companies must be clearly displayed. Where own initiatives can be posted, of course. There must also be space for stories behind the initiatives. After less than five days of hard labour, together with the dedicated Open Stad team, the website goes live and great initiatives are pouring in. Hundreds have already been posted and the counter is still increasing every day.

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