January 13, 2020

Pinch launches Flutter app for YouBahn

The Uber of flexjobs

For YouBahn we developed an app in Flutter, the new development platform from Google. The big advantage of Flutter is that the app for Android and iOS (Apple) only needs to be developed once. This saves time and money. Because Flutter is a relatively new platform, thus the choice for this was exciting, but we gladly accepted that challenge together with the client and that worked out pretty well.

YouBahn is an employment agency, but different. Compare YouBahn with Uber, but then for work. Do you need money as a student? In the app you can see at a glance where you can get started quickly. Apply directly and see how much you can earn.

The YouBahn app has been developed in collaboration with Node1 and NoProtocol. NoProtocol also developed a completely new site, where you can also read everything about the app.

The Uber of flexjobs The Uber of flexjobs