Pinch launches visual AI studio Mesmiro

As reported by Emerce, it’s official: Today, Pinch, in collaboration with photography agency Photo Republic, launches the visual AI studio Mesmiro.

Whether it’s creating compelling images for websites and magazines or developing banners for advertising campaigns, Mesmiro transforms the way visual content is produced using AI.

What started as a hobby with CTO and AI specialist Roeland Weve’s booming Insta account quickly became a serious project within the walls of the renowned app agency Pinch. Especially when designer Fleur Strike and photographer Bibi Neuray recognized its enormous potential and got involved, the first clients started rolling in, even without any form of marketing.

Combining deep knowledge of artificial intelligence, design, photography, and branding, Mesmiro now creates professional visuals that rival the work of leading visual creators, but in a fraction of the time and at attractive rates.

While many are familiar with the ability to create visuals using AI, the Mesmiro team takes it a step further.

Roeland Weve, CTO:

“We believe we’re only scratching the surface of AI’s potential. At the same time, human expertise and creativity, the eye of a photographer, and the hand of a designer are still necessary to create the perfect image for a specific purpose. That combination makes Mesmiro very powerful.”

Bibi Neuray, Managing Director of Mesmiro:

“As a professional photographer, I initially approached AI developments with some reservation. With Mesmiro, I’ve discovered that my experience and quality still hold great value, but with a much larger output. It’s really exciting.”

Fleur Strike, Art Director:

“The possibilities of AI, combined with our design skills, are so powerful. Sometimes I feel like the pilot of a rocket.”

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