fast, faster, fastest

Pinch has a lot of experience with the development of smartwatch apps. For the NOS we have created a smartwatch news app that works on both Samsung and Apple devices.

The app shows the ten most recent headlines. You can read articles on the watch via the specially developed “speed reader”. The speed reader ensures that the words automatically appear one by one and aligned. “This fits well with smartwatches”, says Lara Ankersmit, head of Digital Media at the NOS. “Because of the small screen and the short time you look at it: That is why we chose to show short, compact news items. So no endless laps text. With the speed reader you’re able to read articles on a small screen at the speed of light.”

The Apple Watch app was highlighted by Apple.

Pinch is Samsung’s preferred mobile development agency. In collaboration with Samsung, we created a range of Tizen (the operating system of the Samsung watches) apps.