Q sounds better with you

Qmusic is one of the largest radio stations in the Netherlands. Q’s mission is to make listeners’ day that little bit more fun. The interaction with the listener is key. The app plays a crucial role in that interaction.

Together with an enthusiastic Qmusic team, we completely renewed the app in 2018. In addition to thinking about the concept, we also took care of the design. And of course app development.

With the Qmusic app you can of course listen and watch live radio, or choose a digital station of your choice. You can also easily save your favorite songs, possibly via either Spotify or Apple Music.

Interaction is taken care of in different ways. On one hand by means of an extensive chat module a la Whatsapp, with which you can send and receive 1 on 1 messages to the DJ. Text messages, but also photos, video and audio.

In addition, there is a timeline with messages that are placed by Q during the broadcast and move with what is happening live on the radio. Listeners have the ability to respond to the articles.

The app is made in Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS).

Read an interview with marketing manager Jorn Achterberg about the Qmusic app here. (Dutch)

Pinch App development - Q Music

“Working together with Pinch was great. They thought along intensively and critically with us about the concept of the app. I am extremely proud of the result: tens of thousands of enthusiastic daily users!”

Bobbie Kleijne, Digital coördinator bij Qmusic 

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