The news app for all local weekly newspapers. How’s that?

On a radiant Wednesday in the warm June summer month, a large number of local publishers gathered at the annual day of the industry association ‘Nederlandse Nieuwsblad Pers’ (NNP) at the beautiful rural outdoor location of Kameryck in Kamerik. Not only for the annual meeting, but also to speak to other publishers and share experiences. Just like last year, Pinch Media Apps was present all day as a Friend of the NNP.

We were also present last year. Because at that time we were able to tell publishers with enthusiasm that we were going to develop an A-class news app for all local publishers connected to the Pubble Platform. Based on the app of the Nederlands Dagblad.

A promise is a promise. What happened to those plans? Well, something happened! In the past year, we worked hard together with Telstar Mediagroep to further develop the local news app for the local weeklies. As a result, the first app from Telstar Mediagroep can be found in the stores in the short term, the first in a series of 23 apps from the media group.

In the meantime, a number of apps are already live: MooiLaarbeek, MooiBernheze, MooiRooi, Brabants Centrum, Het Kontakt and Regio Voetbal took the lead. Followed on short term by WeesperNieuws, Gemerts Nieuwsblad, Weekblad Helmond and BrugMedia.

We don’t just deliver an app. We feel responsible to deliver growth for publishers and help with organizational change. For Kontakt Media Partners, we have put our money where our mouth is. We organized an introductory workshop for the editors and commerce and made an introduction plan. The result is a significant increase in users and downloads. A good start.

Online there are many opportunities for local publishers for business development, of which the news app is part of. However, the cost of development is too big for individual publishers to bear alone. Success is only possible through joint development with healthy underlying business cases. We therefore hope that on the next NNP day we can show many new news apps with many downloads, returning users and a nice growth in turnover from the various revenue models of the app.

We will make every effort to achieve this in the coming period. How? By sharing experiences and knowledge, including data from publishers. Many publishers are willing to share, from what we have heard in our conversations.

Curious about the app? Watch the video here or download the app of Het Kontakt in the App Store or Play Store.

More information? Please contact Erik Mooibroek of Pinch Media Apps:

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