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Approach to have an app developed by Pinch

At Pinch, we follow a clear and transparent approach that ensures every project is successful and seamless. Discover how we transform ideas into innovative apps, from concept to delivery, with attention to every detail.

01 - Ambition

Every app is unique, which is why we would love to hear about your ambition and the greater goal you want to achieve with an app. We brainstorm with you and map out all the components you might not have considered (yet).

What is the organization’s position compared to the competition, and what is the (unique) strategy that is being used. These aspects need to be mapped out before the app is developed.

To make the app a success, it is important to clearly define the target audience. The target audience significantly influences the design of the app, as well as its functionalities and their hierarchy.

As an organisation, you make a promise to your target audience, for example, to make the world a cleaner place or to work more efficiently. We incorporate this unique promise your organisation makes into the app, for example, in the accompanying copy and visual appearance.

02 - Strategy

Based on the ambition, the identified playing field, and the target audience, we determine the position the app should take in the market.

What do you promise the user when he/she uses the app, and what revenue model do you adopt for the app?

For the development and launch of the app, we jointly determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the app after its launch.

03 - Design

Based on all the factors, we create a scope. This document describes the requirements and specifications that the application must meet. It serves as a guideline for the entire project. It also takes into account the available budget.

Next, the real work begins! An ultimate user experience is always a top priority at Pinch. We can visualize raw ideas within a few days, but creating ideal user flows requires a thorough approach where validation through test groups is central.

The app starts taking shape. Now it’s time for the visual design. In this phase, your app is visually developed, and you get to see how the end product will look like.

04 - Engineering & Launch

Once the designers are done with the design, our developers take over. All the elements come together, and the app becomes a functioning whole! We work in bi-weekly sprints, which we conclude with a demo.

The moment we all look forward to: the launch of your app! The app has been thoroughly tested on the latest versions of iOS and Android and is ready to be submitted to the app stores. Developing a good launch plan is necessary to optimize the app’s success.

05 - Agile approach

The app is developed by a team of iOS, Android, or Flutter developers, app designers, and a project manager. The technical architecture is overseen by a Team Lead.

The app will be developed using an Agile approach. One of the characteristics of this approach is that we work in sprints.

A sprint is a period of 2 weeks. At the start of this period, it is fully clear what needs to be developed and in which order.

At the end of the period, the achieved results are reviewed. A Producer from Pinch, together with the Product Owner, will determine the content and sequence of the next sprint.

This ensures a clear and organized process, allowing adjustments to tasks and priorities during the bi-weekly sprint.

Each sprint concludes with a demo.